Bead Sprout Summer Collection

Bead Sprout Summer Collection

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Welcome to our Summer Collection:

Personalized Pacifier Clip in the following Summer Colors:

  • Daisy
  • Boho Daisy
  • Black Daisy

Wooden toys/puzzles:

  • Number Puzzle
  • Vegetable Puzzle
  • Geometric Shaped from small to big puzzle

Rainbow Shaped Nursery Decor 

Our Summer Collection includes our signature personalized pacifier clip in beautiful and elegant-looking printed beads that is perfect to compliment any summer outfit as well as a new product line of wooden toys and puzzles.

Our Personalized pacifier clips are loved the most among our customers and we decided to offer them in seasonal colorways in addition to our solid color collection that is available year-round. Summer colors will be seasonal and quantities will be limited.  

Pacifier Clips are Handmade by our Maker/Owner of Bead Sprout, Tugba. All raw materials, as well as a finished product, are third-party lab tested to ensure it MEETS CPSC safety Reuqirements. 

Wooden Toys/Puzzles are our newest addition to our product line and we are introducing them with our summer collection. They are handcrafted in Turkey from trusted brands, Craft Tower & Oyuncak House. And of course, these are in compliance with EN71 & USCPSC standards. We believe that you will love the quality and functionality that we will be keeping them year-round readily available. 

Personalized Rainbow Shaped Nursery Decor is Assembled by hand from Canadian sourced pine wood and lead-free iron metal.