Help Turkey Relief Fund

Our homeland, Turkiye got hit by two major earthquake on 2/6/2023 in a 12 hour time span.

  1. 4:17am (7.8 Magnitude)
  2. 13.24pm (7.6 Magnitude)

It is very devastating and heartbreaking.

  • 10 cities are severely destroyed
  • ~ 13 million people effected 0f 5 million are Childeren. 
  • ~Death toll more than 45,000 as of 3/2/23 and this number keeps increasing 
  • ~More than 77,000 injured
  • Thousands still missing 
  • People who survived are struggling to find safe and healthy shelter and survive. 

 In an effort to help, Bead sprout family will donate 20% of our sales through May 2023.

You can also donate directly to the AHBAP civil organization (the most trusted san safe organization here: