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Discover the BIBS X LIBERTY Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier, an exclusive collaboration that combines the trusted comfort of BIBS pacifiers with the timeless elegance of Liberty prints. This distinctive lineup features our beloved baby and toddler essentials, reimagined with Liberty's iconic prints to create a pacifier that's as stunning in style as it is soothing in function.

Exquisite Design Meets Superior Comfort

  • Iconic Liberty Prints: Each pacifier in the BIBS X LIBERTY collection showcases a unique Liberty print, making every piece a stylish statement that complements your baby's individuality and charisma.
  • Round Nipple Shape: Mimicking the natural shape and softness of a mother's breast, the round nipple shape promotes a natural sucking reflex and ensures a seamless transition from breastfeeding to pacifier comfort.
  • High-Quality Materials for Ultimate Safety:
    • Shield: Constructed from food-grade PP, our pacifiers are designed to be both durable and gentle on your baby's delicate skin.
    • Nipple: Made with natural rubber latex, offering the softness and flexibility your baby needs for comfort and oral development.

Tailored to Grow with Your Baby

  • Size 1: Perfect for newborns from 0+ months, providing the soothing support they need from the very beginning.
  • Size 2: Specially designed for babies aged 6+ months, continuing to offer comfort and support as they grow.

Peace of Mind with Every Use

Compliance with the European Standard EN 1400+A2 assures you of the highest safety standards, ensuring that the BIBS X LIBERTY Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier is not only beautiful but also safe and suitable for your little one.



Baby Blue/Steel Blue Mix
Violet Sky/Mauve Mix



Bibs Liberty Floral Collection in Blush and Dark Oak Colored Pacifiers. Comes in set of 2. Nipple is Round Natural Rubber Latex
Cloud / Sage Mix
Bibs x Liberty Floral Pacifiers, size 1 and Size 2, pack of 2
Fossil Grey / Mauve Mix