Natural Wood Balancing Stacking Stones, Balancing Rocks, Bead Sprout

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Natural wood balancing stacking stones or balancing rocks. 

10-piece set in the natural raw finish with smooth edges. 

Each piece is a different unique shape in a variety of sizes making it a balancing game a lot of fun between kids and adults alike. 

There are flat surfaces making it fun to stack them into different shapes or different heights. 

Develops kids' hand-eye coordination skills, promotes their creativity, and strengthens their fine motor skills. 

Balancing rocks can be a fun game that can be played individually or with more people. 

Due to its natural wood, it is environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic. 


  • 10 piece set
  • Handmade by Craftower in Turkey.
  • Material: Natural Beech Wood
  • Recommended for 3+ years.